Confirmation Program Grades 9-10

A Two Year Program for Grades 9 and 10



Dear Confirmation Parents -


I am thrilled to announce that your teen's Confirmation is now re-scheduled for Sunday, October 4 in St. Brigid Church.  Bishop Reed will be coming to confirm our teens. 

Because of the pandemic, the ceremony will be different from what we have experienced in the past, but I am sure it will be very beautiful and memorable. The ceremony will include only the Rite of Confirmation (not Mass). Bishop Reed expects it will last about 30 minutes.   

The Archdiocese of Boston has given us the following guidelines for the ceremony.

  • Each candidate may bring 2 guests and their sponsor. For most teens, the 2 guests will be their parents.  On the bright side, our parishes have recently purchased a video camera to live stream weekend Mass.  It should be installed soon so that friends and family can watch the Confirmation remotely.
  • Each family will be assigned one pew. Please let me know if anyone in your party is disabled so that we can arrange the seating accordingly.
  • All attendees will be required to wear a facemask throughout the service.
  • Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes ahead of the service, and plan to enter the church with the other 3 members of your party, so that you can be seated together.  This will minimize the number of times that people will be passing each other in the aisles.
  • If your teen’s sponsor is unable to attend the service, one parent can act as proxy.  The person selected as a sponsor will be listed in our records. 
  • If your sponsor or a guest is traveling to Massachusetts from outside the state, please follow the current regulations regarding quarantine and negative Covid-19 testing. (Insert link here to the current MA travel regs.)
  • A photographer will be taking close-up photos of each teen as they are anointed by the bishop.
  • The dress code for young men receiving Confirmation is a button-down shirt, tie, dress pants, and shoes (no sneakers or sandals). A suit or blazer is nice but not required. For young women, a nice pants outfit, a dress or a skirt and blouse are appropriate.   Hemlines should be no more than 3 inches above the knee and shoulders need to be covered. Either dress sandals or shoes (no sneakers) are fine.
  • There will not be a rehearsal prior to the Confirmation. 
  • If your teen has not yet filled out the Confirmation Information form, please have them do so as soon as possible.





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