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Bulletin Column week of March 23



 Saints and saints:  As Catholics, do you really know what (and who) a Saint is?  For Catholics, a saint (lower case “s”) is anyone who has died and is in Heaven with God.  My grandmother was one of the kindest, most holy women I’ve known.  I know she’s in heaven with God, but the Church hasn’t officially recognized her as a Saint.  I, however, know she is.


A Saint (upper case “S”) is someone who has been researched extensively by the Church, whose life has been a holy one (mostly!) and who has caused two miracles.  Once the Church has  researched both the person’s life and miracles, they are given the title “Saint” and have an official memorial day on the Church calendar.  St. Patrick, for instance, celebrates his on March 17th.  St. Joseph’s is on March 19th


Why are saints and Saints important?

A We are all people of God, and we are all connected.  You have these amazing friends in Heaven whom you can ask for help, through prayer! 

Do we really pray to Saints?

Just like you ask a friend for prayer when you need it, you ask Saints (and saints!) to pray for you.  The Saint does not create the answer to the prayer, but is praying alongside you to God. 

What if the Saint was really a sinner?

A. Everyone sins, so all the Saints were also sinners.  The Church looks at the overall life of the person, and what they look for is conversion.  After the sin, did the Saint try to be holier?  That’s important.

What are miracles? 

Most times, miracles are healings.  We even have a few healings in Massachusetts!  In 2001, Jack Sullivan of Pembroke prayed to Cardinal Newman for healing from a compressed spine.  After his cure, the Vatican determined the healing was truly miraculous and was because of Mr. Sullivan’s prayer to Cardinal Newman.  [Mr. Sullivan is now Deacon Sullivan and served alongside the Pope when Cardinal Newman was declared a Saint!]

What’s a Patron Saint?

When a saint is known for helping in a particular situation, they are called a patron saint.  St. Anthony helps you find lost things, St. Joseph is the patron saint of workers.  Saint Brigid of Kildare is the patron saint of St. Brigid’s, and St. Patrick is the patron saint of the Archdiocese of Boston.  Sacred Heart Parish does not have a patron saint but is dedicated to Jesus himself, whose Sacred Heart loves us all.



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