Confirmation Service

Confirmation candidates are expected to perform service during the two year program.  Each is asked to do service three times per year, for a total of six service events across the two years.  We do not count hours.  

  • One service event for either Sacred Heart or St. Brigid Parish
  • One service event for the wider community  
  • One service event for either a parish or the wider community 
  • Participation in the Abide overnight event on Good Friday/Holy Saturday will count as three service events. 
  • Participation in the Vacation Bible School program over the summer will count as three service events. 
  • Attendance at the summer mission trip will count as all six service events.  

Upon completion of the service event, please email Joyce to give her the details.  There is no form and no signature is required.  

Click here for information on Abide.  

Click here for information on our summer mission trip to Catholic Heart WorkCamp.






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